Product information "Lakesidebox Forest Lake"

This forest lake is relaxing to look at
The high-quality printed forest lake motif perfectly complements the sound of the Lakeside Box. Its atmosphere invites you again and again, to treat yourself to a little time out by the lake. Thanks to the print behind brilliant acrylic glass, the motif looks particularly high-quality and is a welcome eye-catcher at any time.

The Lakesidebox: Your forest lake on the go 
Our Relaxound Lakesidebox conjures up brief moments of relaxation in your life. Soothing nature sounds transport you to the shore of an idyllic forest lake: water splashing, birds chirping, ducks chattering, crickets chirping. You will feel your mind and body intuitively relax and become free.

Treat yourself to a short walk by the lake
You activate the nature sounds as you pass by; if no new impulse follows, they gently fade out after two minutes. Whether at home or in the office, in the bathroom or hallway, you can place your Lakesidebox anywhere or simply hang it on the wall. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, it can be quickly and conveniently charged.

Body: plastic
Powersupply: Rechargeable (Micro-USB cable inclusive)
Sound: splashing water, birds, ducks, crickets
Sound duration: 120 sec
Technology: motion sensor (reacts to changes in light)