Zwitscherbox Grey

Discreet elegance - the well combinable Zwitscherbox Grey



Product number: 11ZBX0101012
EAN: 4260529151317
Length: 35 mm
Width: 110 mm
Height: 145 mm
Weight: 0.262 kg
Product information "Zwitscherbox Grey"
This light shade of grey symbolises understatement
The perfect choice for those who find black too dark and white too light. Thanks to its design front in fine grey, this chirping box integrates perfectly into any ambience and remains discreetly in the background. Our Tip: The grey tone can also be combined very well with bright colours or black and white tones.

The Zwitscherbox: As refreshing as going for a walk 
Our Relaxound Zwitscherbox gives you precious moments of relaxation. Soothing nature sounds let you walk through a morning forest: The cheerful chirping of blackbirds and other songbirds immediately calms. You feel how your head and body intuitively relax and become cleared.

Abduct your senses to a sunny forest clearing 
You activate the nature sounds in passing. If no new impulse follows, they fade out after two minutes. Whether entrance, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, hallway, balcony or office: You can place your chirping box anywhere or simply hang it on the wall. Thanks to economical battery operation, you are independent of the power grid. 
Body: plastic
Powersupply: 3 AA batteries included
Sound: birdsong of the Blackbird
Sound duration: 120 sec
Technology: motion sensor (reacts to changes in light)