“Do you actually know how great this is?”

Positive feedback inspires. After a particularly warm praise for the Zwitscherbox, we wanted to know more and spontaneously asked. Relaxound customer Luitgard Steinfurt, owner of a physiotherapy practice, about her personal experience of how natural sounds work.

What particularly excited you about the Zwitscherbox?

“Unfortunately, I can’t work in the forest. But I can bring the forest into my work spaces. That creates a closeness to nature, gives a lightness. It inspires and awakens feelings of happiness. From the beginning, I was fascinated by the positive reactions of my patients to the Zwitscherbox. I noticed that breathing becomes deeper and people immediately become calmer. Many listen to the chirping and suddenly wonder why the windows are closed. Then I point to the small box at the foot of the treatment table. Most of them smile in amazement. The sound seems so real!”

What effects do you observe in your work?

“The chirping helps to let go. During quiet treatments, for example lymph, it may well put patients to sleep. Another effect is that it sharpens our senses for perceptions. We perceive sensory stimuli more intensively and can enjoy them. The natural sounds help to improve our posture. We relax intuitively and are less tense. Our gait becomes softer and more springy. Just as if we were walking through the forest. They also make it easier to take care of our teeth, for example,” smiles Luitgard Steinfurt. “In my work with autistic children, it has been shown that chirping in the bathroom inspires them to brush their teeth.”

How did you become aware of our sound boxes?

“On holiday. In a holiday flat, I discovered the chirping box for the first time. Even today, the chirping reminds me of that wonderful time. Remembering beautiful moments conjures up some of my own. Again and again. I feel: I am allowed to rest.”

Do you think we allow ourselves too little rest?

“For many people, rest seems like a luxury that they allow themselves less and less. Yet it is vital. Permanent tension makes us tense and unfree. Chirping invites us to pause for a moment and acts as a trigger for freedom. It gives us a break from all the acoustic stimuli to which we expose ourselves day after day. After all, many people are now afraid of too much silence.”

Why are moments of quiet so important?

“Because only in silence do we feel what we want, what is important to us … and what is dispensable.”

What are the greatest strengths of natural sounds for you?

“With natural sounds we reach people in a universal language. They remind us where we come from and touch us intuitively. Natural sounds work on the subconscious level. Much more often than we often think. Even with coma patients, sounds can work wonders because they can perceive the sounds, feel them. When we concentrate on the sounds, it sharpens our attention, the right and left hemispheres of the brain are balanced. Relaxation leads to an increase in concentration. It allows us to fully engage with one thing. Something that is often lost in our multitasking society. Natural sounds help us to realize our potential. Because only when we concentrate fully on something do we get into the perfect flow. And this little box reminds us of that. Do you actually know how great that is?”

Author: Gunnar

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