Poppykalas goes Relaxound

It has been decided: We were able to win over the successful Danish designer Thilde Maria Haukohl Kristensen for the new Limited Edition of the Zwitscherbox. With her floral design studio Poppykalas, she stages flowers in a new way and inspires people from all over the world. Three creative designs will be available for the Zwitscherbox from July.

When we asked Thilde to be the artist for our new Limited Edition, she initially declined: acute lack of time. Thilde is in great demand. Under the label she founded, Poppykalas, she works for renowned clients from all over the world. Vogue Italia, Nike, Gucci, Bang & Olufsen, Elle or Copenhagen Fashion Week appreciate the Danish designer’s unmistakable style. You understand this immediately when you see her work: She knows how to stage flowers creatively and unseen. With her photo exhibitions and performances, Poppykalas touches the heart of the audience and creates images, shapes and colours that you won’t forget. We are all the more pleased that Thilde has accepted our renewed request!

Three motifs: the Poppykalas Limited Edition

With the new Poppykallas Limited Edition Zwitscherbox, exclusive floral design and chirping make you want to be in nature. We are so fascinated by Thilde’s work that we are producing not one, but three motifs in limited quantities. They will be available from July 2022 and will set unique accents with their design, that much we can already reveal at this point. Connected to the tradition of Japanese ikebana, they bring flowers into people’s living spaces.


The breakthrough: In the beginning was the refrigerator

Poppykala’s trademark is to put flowers in a new context. The Poppykalas Fridge Poster is a good proof of this. Thilde arranged bouquets of flowers in 80s pastel and in a fridge. A colour-coordinated upside-down drinks box acted as the flower pot. The motif went around the world on Instagram and became the signature styling for Poppykalas.


The inspirations: From Ikebana to Flower Market

Thilde mainly uses influences from the Japanese tradition of ikebana for her works. The Japanese art form of flower arrangement brings nature into people’s homes. It fascinates with reduction and opulence at the same time. Thilde also owes her stylistic confidence and love of experimentation to Constance Spry: the British teacher, florist and author revolutionised the use of flowers in the 20th century and inspired people with her creations.


The wish: to address people with flowers

Thilde knows: only what touches herself touches others. That is what makes each of Poppykalas’ works so special. For the performance “Soil-Water-Sun” she created a sensual installation that you can look at, feel and even hear. She consciously chooses each project to surprise herself again and again through different challenges. Thanks to this creative curiosity, Poppykalas is always conquering new areas. For example, she created the set design for the cinema film “Venus Effect” and developed a multimedia performance including a women’s choir for the Thorvaldsen Museum.

The vocation: Creative design with nature

Thilde loves working with flowers every day. The fact that she is also her own boss with Poppykalas helps her to conquer creative freedom. For new work, she prefers to retreat to her studio and listen to music so that she can concentrate fully on arranging the flowers. Thilde also loves to stroll through the flower market every week and be inspired by the new flowers. The first poppy of the year always inspires Thilde in particular. So much so that she named her label after it. Poppy is the English name for poppy.

Author: Gunnar

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