Simply: Wow! 1 million Zwitscherboxes sold

Now we have a million reasons to celebrate: The Zwitscherbox has been sold one million times. What started in a living room in 2013 has developed into a globally successful original. We interview the two inventors Philipp Störring and Dennis Clasen, review the success story of the Soundbox and give an outlook on the future of the Zwitscherbox.

Honestly: Did you think such a success was possible?

Philipp: “Let’s put it this way: we knew it would be successful. But the fact that it will be so successful was a surprise to us! Dennis smiles: “Originally, we developed the first Zwitscherboxes for doctors’ surgeries. They were so enthusiastic that many also ordered Zwitscherboxes for their homes. When the private inquiries started piling up, we knew we had to go bigger …”

What followed then? How did the success story continue?

Philipp: “In 2013, we had sold around 30 Zwitscherboxes, but demand suddenly increased rapidly. So much so that we couldn’t keep up with our production.” Dennis: “We soldered and assembled our first models ourselves. That was fun, but it took far too long!” Philipp: “We looked for partners and had small quantities produced. That was better, but even that wasn’t enough: as soon as the new Zwitscherboxes arrived, they were sold out. We had to produce larger quantities!” Dennis: “That sounds easier now than it was in reality. We lacked the money for large-scale production and the banks turned down our loan requests.” Philipp nods: “Rows and rows. They didn’t believe in the Zwitscherbox. We did!”

When did you know that you had made it internationally?

Dennis: “When the order from MoMa in New York came in 2015! They wanted 800 Zwitscherboxes for their museum shop. That was an accolade!” Philipp: “That was beautiful and surreal at the same time!”

The recipe for success of the Zwitscherbox in a few words?

Philipp: ” Chirping is relaxing!” Dennis: “Sound and design! People love the stylized shape of the birdhouse, which we have put into a new context. This shape is our trademark!”

Where is the most exotic place where the Zwitscherbox is available?

Philipp: “There are a few. The Caribbean island of Martinique, for example. Even in the middle of the tropics, the happy chirping of the blackbird is relaxing. We have exported a piece of the Black Forest with it, which is where the relaxing birdsong comes from. But such exotic places also show that the principle of the Zwitscherbox is universal. Chirping relaxes us intuitively, no matter where we live.”

How do you choose the limited editions of the Zwitscherbox?

Dennis: “For our limited design editions, we work with international artists that we like. Their ideas inspire our customers and us, we love the creative input. It’s a bit like Christmas when the new designs are on the desk. For our current edition, we were able to win Danish floral designer Poppykalas. We liked her work so much that we put up three designs.” Philipp: “It’s exciting to see the Zwitscherbox through the artists’ eyes, so it appears in a new light.”

What criteria do you use to develop new design fronts?

Dennis: “We have an eye on trends. Pioneering interior colours expand our portfolio and offer attractive accents for any interior. Mauve, for example, is a modern interior classic and the Mauve Zwitscherbox has been extremely popular from the start.” Philipp: “Many inspirations for new colours and materials come from our fans. Our partners in the trade also give us valuable ideas. Our development team selects the most creative ideas and works out prototypes. If they fit, the new Zwitscherbox goes into series production.”

What plans do you have for the future of the Zwitscherbox?

Dennis: “We are constantly working on new ideas. We are looking for interesting artists for future editions. We experiment with new materials for the design fronts and the housing. Unfortunately, we had to discard many a promising idea … Philipp: “Because we couldn’t produce them in series to our high-quality standards. But fortunately, there are plenty of ideas. Even after almost ten years, we find exciting new approaches for the Zwitscherbox.”

What else would you like to say about the Zwitscherbox?

Philipp: “The Zwitscherbox is the foundation of the Relaxound brand. It was the start of everything! It was its success that inspired us to create new sounds. Birdybox, Lakesidebox, and Oceanbox, would all be unthinkable without the Zwitscherbox.” Dennis: “When we like an idea for a new box, we put a lot of heart and time into it. Because the success of the Zwitscherbox has shown us that it pays off for everyone in the end.
We are looking forward to many more new things!

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