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My order is a gift. Is the invoice enclosed?2021-05-04T09:42:00+02:00

We do not enclose a printed invoice with your delivery, but send it to you by email. This is more environmentally friendly and saves a lot of paper and printing costs. This way you can easily send your order as a gift.

What does a red or blue LED in my box mean?2021-04-20T12:47:03+02:00

The LED shows you the energy level of your box. A red LED means: Please charge the battery! A blue LED means: I am ready to go!

Is sales tax deductible?2021-03-18T22:41:26+01:00

Our prices include the legal sales tax. We cannot refund it to private individuals. Companies receive an invoice without VAT if they order by email. The invoice cannot be adjusted retroactively.

How do I return a defective product that I bought from a retailer?2021-03-18T22:54:52+01:00

If you have bought a Relaxound product from one of our dealers, we will be happy to exchange your defective product for you. Write us an email to info@relaxound.com and let us know which sound box model you have. We will then send you a new sound box immediately. The package for you contains a return slip with which you can conveniently send the defective product back to us.

How many Relaxound boxes do you have in your range?2022-07-21T13:16:30+02:00

In our audio studio we are continuously working on new sound concepts. You can currently choose from four Relaxound boxes: the Zwitscherbox, the Birdybox, the Oceanbox and the Lakesidebox. Each box is available with different fronts, colors and designs. Our Limited Editions are particularly exclusive. Have a look in our online shop!

Do you pay attention to environmental protection and sustainability?2020-10-20T00:26:48+02:00

These topics are extremely important to us. That is why we donate 1% of our total annual turnover for audited environmental projects that have been certified by the organization “1% for the Planet”. The wood for our design fronts comes from local and sustainable forestry. Since our Relaxound boxes usually have a very long lifespan of 25 years and more, the raw materials rarely need to be recycled.

How often are your Limited Design Editions available?2021-03-18T22:44:18+01:00

At least once a year we surprise you with Relaxound boxes in Limited Design Editions. These can be bought while stocks last. The most popular designs make it into our range and are available there for a longer period of time.

Where are the Relaxound products made?2021-05-19T09:46:28+02:00

We attach great importance to fair working conditions and long-term cooperation. At our production site in India, we work with a successful family business that is considered a model company in the region. Our wooden design fronts are handcrafted in a Thuringian craft business.

How do I return a defective product that I bought in your online shop?2021-03-18T22:55:49+01:00

If you bought your device directly in the Relaxound online shop, write us an email to info@relaxound.com. We will then send you a new sound box immediately. The package for you contains a return slip with which you can conveniently send the defective product back to us.

Where is the best place to put my sound box?2021-03-18T22:58:20+01:00

The most popular places are the bathroom and guest toilet. Here the natural sounds have a particularly relaxing effect and always put a smile on your face. But unusual places are also very popular: Relaxound Boxes can also be found in elevators, refrigerators and bars, for example.

Can I also use my Relaxound Box outside?2021-03-18T22:59:37+01:00

We tried it out. Our boxes also feel good outdoors. However, they should be well protected from rain, for example under a canopy.

Can a Relaxound Box be used when showering?2020-10-20T00:36:18+02:00

In principle, this is possible: showering with natural sounds is even more relaxing. However, the water should not hit the box. So please set it up outside the shower cubicle.

Can I buy directly from you on site?2021-03-18T22:39:42+01:00

We are pleased that you want to get to know us personally! However, we don’t have a shop at our headquarters in Berlin. If you want to experience our products live before you make a decision, we recommend visiting one of our partner shops.

Where were the natural sounds recorded?2020-10-19T09:43:34+02:00

The location of the recording is very important for high quality natural sounds. The birdsong of the Zwitscherbox was recorded in a clearing in the Black Forest. The Lakesidebox continues to develop the theme of natural sound: We have composed an atmospheric soundscape from carefully selected natural sounds, into which you can immerse yourself again and again, tone for tone.

How does the motion sensor in a box work?2021-03-18T23:02:56+01:00

In our Relaxound Boxes we use a light-sensitive photocell as a motion sensor. The reason: photocells are extremely economical. They require so little power that the batteries will last up to 12 months or more. A conventional motion sensor would have consumed the energy after just 2 weeks.

A Relaxound Box in my sauna, is that possible?2020-10-17T21:28:17+02:00

That’s fine! The sauna is perfect as a place to relax, the natural sounds of a Relaxound Box can even intensify relaxation. This is an even better way to relax.

Where can I buy Relaxound products?2021-03-18T22:38:30+01:00

In the Relaxound online shop you will find the latest selection of our products 24/7. You can also buy them in well-run specialist shops.

What is the forest sticker for?2021-03-18T23:00:29+01:00

With the forest sticker you bring even more nature into your home. You can stick it anywhere, except on the front of your Relaxound Box. There the forest sticker reduces the sound quality and also covers the motion detector of your box.

Can I put together a set of Relaxound boxes?2021-03-18T22:36:19+01:00

Yes you can. Just have a look in our online shop. Choose your favorite Relaxound boxes as a set of 3 or 5 and send us an email to info@relaxound.com. We will then personally take care of the processing of your individual order.

How do the Zwitscherbox and Birdybox differ?2020-10-20T00:41:25+02:00

The blackbird’s chirping can be heard on the Zwitscherbox for 2 minutes. This makes the Zwitscherbox perfect for the bathroom or guest toilet, as it enables a moment of retreat. On the other hand, the bird concert of the blackbird sounds as an impulse for 20 seconds on the Birdybox. This makes the Birdybox particularly suitable for the kitchen at home, the hallway or the coffee kitchen in the office.

My box is not working, what could be the reason?2020-10-20T00:42:38+02:00

The front of the box must not be pasted or covered. In addition, the motion sensor does not react in the dark. Of course, you can also “make the box chirp” in the evening by switching on the light. A tip: just change the location. It is of course also possible that you have to change the batteries or recharge the battery.

Why does my box sometimes start by itself?2020-10-20T00:42:59+02:00

The photocell in the box reacts sensitively to changes in light, so your box may be activated “just like that”. For example, when the sun shines through the window in the morning. This “quirk” makes our boxes even more lovable for many.

How far does the motion sensor reach?2020-10-20T00:43:23+02:00

The range of a Relaxound Box is up to 130 centimeters. However, it can vary slightly for each device. Since we use a light-sensitive photocell as a motion detector, the box does not react to movements in the dark.

How long do the rechargeable batteries and regular batteries last in the boxes?2021-04-20T12:43:55+02:00

The batteries in the Zwitscherbox last up to 12 months or longer on average. The rechargeable batteries in all other boxes last up to 2 months, depending on personal use. After a charging time of 90 minutes, the batteries in the boxes are ready for use again.

Are batteries included in the Zwitscherbox?2020-10-20T00:45:13+02:00

Yes! The Zwitscherbox is ready to go immediately after unpacking.

Can the volume of the sounds be adjusted?2021-03-18T23:04:24+01:00

Yes, you can use the wheel on the right of the Relaxound Box to adjust the volume to your taste and the size of the room.

Can I turn the box off sometimes?2020-10-23T18:57:38+02:00

Yes. You simply turn the volume wheel on the right side of your speaker until it clicks into place. Then the box is switched off.

Why are natural sounds so relaxing?2020-10-23T18:59:40+02:00

Natural sounds like the chirping of birds or crickets are intuitive to calm. The cause lies in evolution: the chirping of birds already reliably signaled to our ancestors the absence of danger. We relax, we feel safe. The positive effect of natural sounds has been proven by numerous studies: For example, forest noises have been proven to help against depression, stress and burnout.

Can you play your own sounds on the box?2021-03-18T23:05:45+01:00

No, we don’t offer that. For even more variety of sounds you can use our other Relaxound Boxes. This enables acoustic variety to be created easily and effectively across rooms.

Which animals can be heard on your boxes?2020-10-20T00:49:30+02:00

The chirping of the blackbird is particularly relaxing, it is the star of the Zwitscherbox and the Birdybox. At the Lakesidebox, there are relaxed chattering ducks as well as the calming chirping of crickets. The animal voices are subtly embedded in the natural sounds of the surroundings, so that it feels as if you are “right in the middle”.

Can I suggest an idea for a sound?2021-03-18T23:07:01+01:00

We often get great suggestions for new Relaxound Boxes from our fans. We look forward to your ideas and who knows: maybe we will soon put them into practice!

What guarantee do you offer on Relaxound Boxes?2021-03-18T22:57:14+01:00

Our Relaxound Boxes are manufactured under the highest quality standards. Should an error creep in anyway, we will exchange the device immediately. We offer a 25-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects for every Relaxound Box. The only exceptions are cases in which our product has been used improperly. This is the case, for example, if the Relaxound Box has been exposed to heavy rain or has fallen.

Can I track the delivery status of my shipment?2020-10-23T18:58:32+02:00

Yes! You can see exactly where your package is. In your order confirmation you will find the details of our shipping service provider in order to track your shipment.

Which payment methods does Relaxound offer?2020-10-23T18:57:20+02:00

Pay securely with us by credit card (VISA or Mastercard), direct debit or PayPal.

Our bank connection:
Relaxound GmbH
IBAN: DE37 1002 0890 0026 6861 30

How much does it cost to ship my delivery?2021-03-18T22:50:16+01:00

We deliver free of charge within Germany and the entire European Union!

Outside the EU, shipping charges vary by country.
Great Britain, Switzerland, Iceland: EUR 14.95
Norway: EUR 19.95
Russia: EUR 39.95
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand: EUR 49.95

For all countries not listed here, please contact our customer service at info@relaxound.com.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the additional customs fees of individual countries that incur with every delivery. This affects, for example, deliveries to the USA and Canada.

How long does the delivery take?2021-03-18T22:52:11+01:00

Within Germany we ship directly on the day of the order, at the latest on the following day. Your order will be with you within 3-5 working days. If not, let us know! Delivery within the European Union usually takes 5 to 10 working days. If you order from us and do not live in the EU, please contact our customer service for detailed information: info@relaxound.com.

To which countries does Relaxound deliver?2021-03-18T22:53:11+01:00

We deliver free of charge within the entire EU. You can order from us even if you do not live in the European Union. Just write an email to info@relaxound.com and we will check whether we can also deliver to your home country.


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