Made in India as a seal of quality

Super Cartons has been producing Relaxound products since 2015. The family-owned company attaches great importance to sustainable interaction with people and nature. Interview with company founder Sanjay Bothra.

Poppykalas goes Relaxound

It has been decided: We were able to win over the successful Danish designer Thilde Maria Haukohl Kristensen for the new Limited Edition of the Zwitscherbox.

Thanks blackbird!

True talent prevails. In a recent study by the University of Exeter, the blackbird's song comes out on top when it comes to relaxation and health-promoting effects.

“I’ll do it for you!”

While other entrepreneurs are slowly thinking about retirement, Hans-Georg Kuhz is doing the opposite: the wood expert is founding a company. In his Thuringian workshop, he exclusively manufactures the wooden fronts.

Birdsong – why, why, why?

Why do birds sing at all, why can many of them only be heard in the early hours of the morning and why are the male birds responsible for teaching the young birds to sing? Get the answers to these questions in today's magazine article.

The parrots are among us

Most of us associate parrots with pirate characters like Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series or with holiday trips to Mexico, Chile or India. But even in Germany, the home of the blackbird, thrush, finch and starling.


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