Relaxound anniversary story 02:  And what do we call it?

Relaxound anniversary story 02: And what do we call it?

Switscherbox, Zwittzerbox, Tschittscherbox. Our name is not so simple abroad. Nevertheless, we are very glad that we chose Zwitscherbox in 2013! And not for the countless alternatives we wrote down on anything at the time (the famous napkins and coasters included). Among them are some pretty wacky name ideas. Ready? Raise the curtain on Twitter Twisters and the like! 


At first glance, not so much different from Zwitscherbox. But if we think about it more closely, we find Zwitscherbox better. Why? The name (unknown to us at the time) anticipates our worldwide success. The German word “zwitschern” (“chirping”) paired with the English “box” is unique. This is how “Zwitscherbox” became our trademark, which works internationally. Just because it's unusual. 

Anti Urban Sounds

 What the name can do: It says what our soundbox is doing. It counteracts the annoying city noise. Their soothing chirping helps to relax and recharge your batteries. However, the name is not very charming. The only way we can explain it is that sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees (chirping). Especially when you're looking for a name for something you care deeply about. 

House of Nature

At the risk of being a bit “off topic”, our two founders are passionate music fans. It is quite possible that this influenced the naming process. Just think of labels like “Ministry of Sound”. And this name also describes well what you get with the Zwitscherbox. A house full of nature (sounds). Nevertheless, we are glad that we didn't take our name too seriously. 


A neologism has its advantages: It is unique and therefore cannot be confused with other products. However, if you overdo it, no one can remember the name. Something that would have been quite possible with this name. However, we used the X effect here elsewhere: At Relaxound, our brand name (OK, actually only, because the domain relaxsound was already taken 😉 


 First reaction on hearing the name today: Can one have a drink in that bar? Twitter-Twister seems straight out of a Tarantino movie. And from today's perspective, that's where it's better off. Just imagine: Instead of a “Cherry” Zwitscherbox, you order a “Cherry” Twitter-Twister. Again, bar associations come to us here, maybe we should make an anniversary cocktail out of it. 

Fun fact at the end

Precisely because Zwitscherbox is a “tongue twister” worldwide, people remember it well.