Relaxound Anniversary Story 04: We're going to big this up now

Relaxound Anniversary Story 04: We're going to big this up now

After getting a loan, our two founders Philipp and Dennis were finally able to do something that was long overdue. Pushing production into large scale. Because the demand for the Zwitscherbox grew every day. The two couldn't keep up with the assembly and shipping. To ensure the high quality even in large quantities, they needed only one thing: the right partner. 

The partner

"High volume production at a manageable cost was the goal!" Philipp smiles. "We travelled around a lot, talked to a lot of people. Something always didn't fit. So we had to think outside the box.” Finally, Philipp and Dennis find an experienced family business in India that could produce the Zwitscherbox. Its founder, Sanjay Bothra, has been working successfully for international brands since 1985. 

The casting mould

“The casting mould is the key!” explains Philipp. “It has to fit exactly so there are no complications during production. Even though the housing of the Zwitscherbox looks simple, we had to go through many stages of development, always readjusting the mould. That took some time!” As long as the mould was not ready for use, the current orders still had to be processed, of course, by Philipp and Dennis, by hand. 

The quality

“Philipp and Dennis wanted maximum quality”, explains Sanjay. “To achieve this, we had to put in a very high effort. Honestly, at the time, I didn't know if it would all pay off.” Quality controls are installed at all stages of the production. “We offer durable products”, Philipp says. “As a provider of high-quality natural sounds, we owe it to the environment!” And the partnership is also long-lasting. 

The future

By now, Sanjay Bothra has become a good friend. His son Anish will soon continue the fortunes of the family business. “We're working together on new sound boxes”, Dennis enthuses. “You can tell these two love to tinker! They come from the field and have many great ideas. The new terrazzo fronts of the Birdybox, for example, we developed together with Sanjay and Anish.”

Fun fact at the end

Sanjay about his first impression: “A little box that chirps, that sounds crazy.”