Relaxound Anniversary Story 06: Our Quirkiest Design Ideas

Relaxound Anniversary Story 06: Our Quirkiest Design Ideas

Everyone has a few youthful indiscretions tucked away in their closet. The neon t-shirt with the embarrassing print, the white pants with golden fringes, or that red sequin dress that was too tight even back then. We've been there too. When we revisited the designs of the past 10 years, we couldn't help but smile more than once. Some have already come back into style (apparently we were ahead of our time). Here are some of the quirkiest design ideas! 

Colorful Excesses

When we started with the Zwitscherbox, we tried everything. Usually all at once. And thus, these... well, let's call them "bold color mixes" were born. Back then, we thought it was a great idea to combine as many bright colors as possible. The good thing: through experimentation, the successful Neon series of our Lakesidebox was later created, using vibrant colors in a much more controlled manner (so yes, we can learn). 

Plastic Marble

Our Limited Editions in spring and autumn are highly sought after today. The predecessors were our first Zwitscherboxes with special designs. Looking at models from this early stage today, we really can't come up with many arguments as to why we released them back then. "Because we can" fits best here. BUT: Without such experiments, there might never have been our limited editions! 

Velvet Touch

"Black Velvet" inspired us. The song is one of our favorites. So, we thought it would be a great idea to design a Zwitscherbox with a velvet front. We were not satisfied with just black velvet, purple or white looked elegant too. We still find the prototypes beautiful. Beautifully quirky. However, the velvet gathers dust. So, you would need to regularly remove lint... 

Rust Patterns

Normally, nobody likes rust. But when you look closely at the individual nuances of rust, you can indeed see something beautiful in it. That's what we thought and experimentally developed design fronts with rusty metals. In essence, we still like the idea (especially because it's quirky). However, the practical implementation is very complex and therefore remains in the big drawer for future design ideas. 

Fun Fact to End

Initially, Philipp wasn't a fan of our wooden fronts. But they quickly became crowd favorites.