“Actually it tells a story …”

An interview with Philipp Störring about the new Lakesidebox

The new Lakesidebox takes you to a forest lake with its atmospheric soundscape. It offers more than just a new soothing nature sound. The forest lake atmosphere of the latest Relaxound Box now offers a completely newly developed listening experience. A complex, multi-faceted sound composition invites you to immerse yourself completely in it. Relaxound co-founder Philipp Störring explains in an interview how this came about.

When you walk past the Lakesidebox, you hear the sound of ducks chattering, crickets chirping, birds chirping. The motion detector of the latest Relaxound Box triggers much more than soothing sounds of nature. Before you know it, you are walking along the shore of a forest lake. When asked how the atmospheric soundscape is composed in detail, Philipp Störring explains thoughtfully: “Basically, it is not so important to know exactly what we hear. Out on the lake, we don’t always know. It is much more important that we feel: these sounds here are peaceful, here we feel comfortable, here we are safe. Because then we can let ourselves go.

How the idea for the new Lakesidebox was born

How did the new Relaxound Box come about? Philipp Störring closes his eyes for a moment and thinks: “Yes, how did it actually come about? He takes a sip of espresso and nods. “For one thing, there were frequent enquiries. Again and again we received suggestions for natural sounds with water. As a vital element, it has an immensely strong attraction. So it was only natural for us to take up this theme in the planned portfolio expansion. Water was also at the top of the internal wish list. The only question was in what form. Rain? A waterfall? Or a river? It turned out that everyone associates something different with water. Product development is always teamwork, so the task was to extract an essence from the different ideas. A goal that everyone can identify with and that fascinates everyone. In the end, we agreed: a forest lake is an ideal retreat to relax.”

This is how the sound composition of the Lakesidebox was created

“The perfect forest lake does not exist,” says Philipp Störring. “At least not as a field recording. In order to authentically depict the atmosphere of a forest lake, we had to break new ground.” Field recordings from nature were the basis for Relaxound’s first successful product: the Zwitscherbox. Its bird songs were recorded in the Black Forest. “Chirping is rather static, but the numerous sounds of a forest lake are more dynamic. To reproduce this richness of facets naturally was an extremely demanding task. It was clear to us that it would only succeed with a sophisticated combination of field recordings. In principle, it’s like recording music: There, the individual instruments are also recorded separately in order to be able to tune each sound individually. Later, these refined sound tracks are combined into a multi-layered composition and then finally mastered.” The Relaxound development team got to work and created a complex soundscape from original natural sounds, making it possible to acoustically experience the perfect forest lake. “It didn’t happen overnight,” nods Philipp Störring. “A lot of development work was necessary to create a soundscape that meets our demands. All in all, over two years.”

Much more than just sounds: immersive head cinema

“The Lakesidebox actually tells a story,” explains Philipp Störring enthusiastically. “It takes us to a place of relaxation. We can, whenever we want, step in thought to the shore of a forest lake, linger for a moment and return invigorated to everyday life.” One thing the self-confessed audiophile is particularly proud of: the soundscape of the new Lakesidebox allows you to discover something new again every time you listen to it. “Similar to a radio play, we can concentrate on the different protagonists, sometimes we listen to the chirping of the crickets, sometimes to the gentle lapping of the water, another time we focus on the chirping of the birds or swim a lap in the crystal-clear water of the lake. There are no limits to the imagination. And the most beautiful thing: The Lakeside is always on hand.”

Feel sound – A relaxed attitude to life for all

“People want to feel good. With our products, we can make a contribution to this,” explains Philipp Störring, looking out of the window of the Relaxound office deep in the south of Berlin. The winter sun briefly appears from behind the clouds that are quickly drifting across the sky. “Just like light, sound has a positive influence on our mood. Sounds are even more direct. We are often not even aware of that. Bringing the relaxing effects of sounds into everyday life is an incentive for my team and me to keep developing. There is more to it. We want to make the world more harmonious and act according to the Feel Sound principle: everything we do must make people feel good. The more, the better. After all,” Philipp Störring smiles, “you can never feel good enough, can you?”

Author: Gunnar


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