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Super Cartons has been producing Relaxound products since 2015. The family-owned company attaches great importance to sustainable interaction with people and nature. International certifications are proof of the comprehensive commitment. Super Cartons is a popular employer in the region and regularly cares for people in the neighbourhood. Interview with company founder Sanjay Bothra.

How long has Super Cartons been in existence?

Since 1985. I founded the company at the age of 23. Since then we have grown continuously and can look back on 37 years of experience.

What did you think when you first heard the twitter box?

I had to smile. It is an unusual product. And I had my doubts whether we could produce profitably to the high quality requirements. It was a risk for us, that’s for sure. But the enthusiasm of Philipp and Dennis (the two Relaxound founders) convinced us. Together we made sure that the Zwitscherbox sold very successfully all over the world. It recently cracked the 1 million mark. Then other products were added. We are currently working on the implementation of new sound boxes. And we are looking forward to many more exciting products!

How important are certifications for Super Cartons?

High quality has been important to us from the very beginning. Certifications are a good way to prove this quality standard. Our production processes are TÜV-certified and meet requirements according to ISO 9001. Since October 2021, our packaging has carried the FSC seal, an important proof of paper and cardboard from sustainable forestry. We are also planning to obtain certification for the Fair Trade Practice seal and the SMETA audit this year.

What is documented with the SMETA audit?

This is about more than high product quality. The SMETA audit documents careful production in accordance with ethical and sustainable aspects. Specifically, it is about fair working conditions, transparent supply chains and continuous improvement in management. In short, the SMETA seal shows that we treat people and the environment responsibly. The seal is awarded in Germany by TÜV, a proof of the serious test criteria of the SMETA audit.

What does Super Cartons do for its employees?

We employ around 120 people. About half of them are women. A job secures their financial independence. This is especially important here in India because many women are still dependent on their husbands. If they separate, women are faced with the challenge of finding a job that they and their family can live on. That is why we pay fair and above-average wages and offer paid leave to all workers. During the lockdown, we continued to pay all employees their full salary. Especially in these hard times, it is vital that we help each other to survive together.

How else does Super Cartons get involved with its fellow human beings?

We want to give something back to the society in which we live. And we do this with concrete deeds. That’s why we donate to projects that help people in need. For example, we made food parcels for 2,000 people in our neighbourhood during the lockdown. These helped day labourers from the countryside who were employed in other factories. They were hit particularly hard by the closures and many would have simply starved to death without the relief efforts …

What are your plans for the future of Super Cartons?

Well, for one thing, we want to create more new jobs and pay taxes. That may sound obvious to German ears … but here in India only about 9% of people pay taxes. Money that we urgently need for the further development of our company. My son Anish will take over the fate of our company. It is important for us to remain a family business and yet continue to grow. An essential task is to further expand our high quality standards. The Fair Trade and FSC certifications show the way. But there is still a lot to do. We also want to be an attractive employer for the people in our country and give something back to our neighbours. We want Made in India to be an expression of fair and sustainable production. Even more than before.

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