Hygge – The cosy principle of luck from Denmark.

The days are getting shorter and shorter, autumn and then winter do not take long to arrive. Soon we will spend much more time in our own four walls again and make ourselves comfortable at home with friends and family. This is exactly the right time to recall the popular Danish principle of happiness and comfort, Hygge.

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Most of you have certainly heard the term “Hygge”. In 2017 it was officially included in the German Duden. There it is described as “cosiness” and “homeliness as a principle of life”. If you enter the word as a hashtag on Instagram, you will find well over six million search results from all over the world, most of which are pictures of living room furnishings in Scandinavian design and pictures of candles and flower arrangements. But Hygge is much more!

The happiest country in the world

The autumn and especially the winter are the high season for hygge, but in Denmark it is actually hygge time all year round. Since 2012, the United Nations has published the international happiness report once a year. It records which nations in the world have the happiest people. In the past, the top places were almost exclusively occupied by Scandinavian countries. Denmark has already been awarded the title of happiest country in the world four times. Apart from a functioning welfare state, a good education system and a relatively low population density, experts attribute the Danes’ high sense of happiness to the hygge principle of life. But what exactly does hygge mean?

Hygge is often described as an integral part of Danish DNA and should not be confused with a lifestyle trend or selfcare initiatives. Meik Wiking, the director of the Copenhagen Institute for Happiness Research, has written the bestseller “Hygge – An attitude to life that simply makes you happy”. He points out that hygge has nothing to do with consumption or money, but is mainly related to concepts like gratitude, harmony and equality and should be practicable by everyone. According to Wiking, Hygge is about coming together with friends or family in a harmonious atmosphere, consciously enjoying that moment and being fully present. A beautiful living room with dimmed lighting and a blazing fireplace is ideal for a hygge evening, but even a long walk in snow or rain can be hyggeous. The only important thing is to feel secure among loved ones, to enjoy the moment and to relax without worries.

Hygge for everyone

Hygge as an everyday principle of happiness is also becoming increasingly popular with non-Danish people. We have 4 tips for you that will make an evening among friends especially hygenic. It is best to try it out right away.

Candles: The right lighting is essential to create a relaxing atmosphere of well-being. Nothing is better suited for this than candlelight. It is not without reason that per capita consumption in Denmark is 4.3 kg per year, while the Germans only reach 2.6 kg.

Delicious food: At a Hygge evening, everyone should really be able to relax and there should be no stress, so you should avoid elaborate menus. Ideal is a delicious soup with crispy bread or a hearty stew that you have already prepared in the morning. Remember, the main thing is to have a good, decelerated time together.

Mobile phone and political exclusion zone:Smartphones and political discussions do not create a hygenic atmosphere, so both are absolutely taboo at a hygenic evening. It’s best to put your mobile phones in a box and turn them off at the beginning. Ideally your conversations should have depth and be inspiring for all participants. Each of you should feel accepted, respected and secure.

Small sins:Hygge is a feeling of happiness. Therefore small sins such as alcohol in moderation, chocolate or a particularly rich piece of cake are explicitly allowed and are an important part of the Hygge culture.

Have a good time, enjoy the time together and share your experiences and moments with your loved ones.



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